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Nick Pisana of Safran – “Denise was one of two entertainers provided for a dinner of a professional organization consisting of senior personnel from private industry and government, thus the audience tends to be somewhat reserved. Denise managed to get a good portion of the audience to participate (8 volunteers out of 60 total attendees in the audience). All of the participants stated afterward that they enjoyed themselves and found being hypnotized to be both interesting and different. The non-participants found the proceedings to be entertaining and funny but not to the disadvantage of the volunteers. We strongly recommend Denise and would use her again.”

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Laughter is a magical. It puts a smile on your face, lights up your spirit and releases healthy endorphins that help your body and soul thrive!

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Quality Hypnotist

How To Choose a Quality Hypnotist

Your event is very important. You have created a theme, a budget, planned and now you are ready to hire the entertainment. Did you know that out of everything that happens at the event, what people will remember most is the entertainment…good or bad. Sure you want a great price, but what will create a memorable experience is the quality of the entertainment. A great price is good, but a great price without quality can end in a waste of your money. Here are some questions you can ask to help you hire a quality hypnotist.

First, ask lots of questions. A quality, professional hypnotist will be happy to answer you.

What kind of training does the hypnotist have? Stage, therapeutic, or a quickie, 3-day course in Vegas. (all too common!) Knowing how to handle all that can happen on stage is critical to ensuring a safe and fun event. Look for extensive training and experience.

Does the hypnotist carry insurance, how much and have they used it?

Are they experienced in performing hypnosis shows? How many did they do last year? Make sure the shows were hypnosis shows. Many hypnotists come from other areas of entertainment (I have) and quote an all inclusive number of shows they have done in all venues to make them look more experienced than they are.

Do they have a video of their performance? When watching a clip, (be sure you watch more than one), make sure you can hear the laughter and see the performer in the clips. Editing is a marvelous thing and it can be deceiving.

Know what it costs to hire a quality hypnotist. You can pay from $300.00 – $3,000.00 for a hypnotist. It is unlikely you will find a hypnotist that can fulfill the requirements on this page in the lower price range.

Do they have references and a client list with satisfied feedback?

Most of all, talk to the entertainer and listen carefully as they answer these questions. Then ask yourself how you feel about them and trust your intuition. If you don’t feel great about what you have heard, I would say to trust yourself and keep looking.


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