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Marlin Bollinger, CEO of the Bollinger Group - “Denise did a fantastic job for us, and if you are looking for a hypnotist, Look no further.”

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Laughter is a magical. It puts a smile on your face, lights up your spirit and releases healthy endorphins that help your body and soul thrive!

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The Other 90%

Unleashing the Power You Possess

One Hour Assembly Program for
Junior and Senior High Schools 

UnleashingIt has been said that we only use 10% of our brain.  What if we could tap into other 90% of the most powerful tool known to man?  We can!

Using hypnosis, neural linguistics and audience participation, Denise Oatley Hall demonstrates to students how to expand the use their brain to relieve stress, prepare for exams, create new thinking and behaviors, solve problems…even recognize and disempower hypnotic suggestions from television, media and their peers.

Hypnosis can positively and powerfully transform behavior patterns, ineffective habits and performance blocks in adolescents and adults. Hypnosis is a well-documented process that can instill beneficial behaviors — such as a desire to learn, confidence, positivity, concentration and freedom from peer pressure.

Step outside the ordinary school assembly program and empower your students to take control of their thinking with this fun, compelling and transforming hour.

The Other 90%. Think of the possibilities that can come from the other 90% of the student’s brain power for greater success and achievement in school and throughout their adult lives. 

Fun, Fast-Paced, Educational, Informative, Dynamic and Highly Effective!

Interested? Contact Denise Oatley Hall to design a program for your company’s goals!

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