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Charmaine Andrews of Seffner/Mango Library –“Denise Oatley Hall was a Delight to work with and a just the type and caliber performer we asked for. She has strong entertainment value. Our group was awestruck at her abilities and would definitely ask her return for another performance.”

Laugh Tracks

Laughter is a magical. It puts a smile on your face, lights up your spirit and releases healthy endorphins that help your body and soul thrive!

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“A Laugh of the Day”


A Memorable Event to Remember

When will you do this again!?!

Fund RaisingImagine people leaving your very successful fundraising event saying to you, “When will you be doing this again?” “I can’t wait to come back and I want to bring some friends!” 

That is just the reaction you will get when you have Denise Oatley Hall perform a professional comedy hypnosis show for your fundraising event. 

Schools and organizations have successfully raised funds from a thousand to twenty thousand dollars in just one evening.  It is hands down the simplest, funniest, most memorable way to turn an ordinary event and to creative revenue for your organization.

Attendees will laugh until they beg for mercy. They will leave raving fans and will tell their friends about this unique event.  Watch how your next fundraising grows in attendance.

Think about the difference your organization can make as the result of a successful event that can become legendary.

Fun, Fast-Paced, Dynamic and Highly Effective!

Interested? Contact Denise Oatley Hall to design a program for your company’s goals!

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