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“It was outrageously funny!”

“I haven’t laughed this hard for years!”

“We have been talking about it for the last 8 months!”

“ I was amazed by how good I felt when it was over.”

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Laughter is a magical. It puts a smile on your face, lights up your spirit and releases healthy endorphins that help your body and soul thrive!

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About Denise

Denise Oatley Hall

Variety Entertainer | Hypnotist
Multi-Faceted, Multi-Talented Hypnotist, Entertainer & Artist

Denise emerged as an entrepreneur at the age of 10 when she started selling greeting cards. Since then she has developed several successful businesses. As a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional entrepreneur she has used her creativity and innovative talents to excel as:

Hypnosis Training

  • Board Certified Hypnotist with World Renowned Hypnosis Instructor Gerald Kein
  • Mentorship and Training - Celebrated Comedy Stage Hypnotist Lorri Michals
  • Mentorship and Training -Stage Hypnosis Training - Scott McFall
  • Instant hypnosis Training - Sean Micheal Andrews
  • Stage Hypnosis Training - Geoffry Ronning
  • Continued education every year in Clinical and Stage Hypnosis

Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Producer/Director for original stage shows and performances with casts of 12 -60 people including set design for multiple set changes

Award-winning artist in sculpture who is in demand
for her commissioned work from the private sector

Award-winning concert singer featured across the United States

Noted lecturer and keynote speaker

Professional Clown
Denise has brought laugher and entertainment throughout her career, performing as a professional clown since 1996 performing across the country and locally for clients such as: The City of Tampa, Busch Gardens, The Ritz Carlton to name a few.

Ms. Hall has created a multitude of character to entertain audiences from families and corporate events. She also designs, produces and performs shows for libraries across the state of Florida.
Other notable programs she designed, produced, and performed include:

2009-2010 Bay Area Rennaissance Festival - Lady Mesmer the Hypnotist

2009 Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival - Lady Mesmer the Hypnotist

Summer Arts in the City Program for the City of Tampa - Designed and performed original shows that bring Performing Arts to inner city children including, Clowning Around with Cassie, Puppetry and The Magic of Music and Rhythm.

Halloween Fest -Designed and performed original interactive Stage Show for City of Tampa Halloween Celebration.

Lowry Park Zoo Boo -Designed and performed interactive storytelling entertainment for family audiences for month long celebration in Tampa.

Southwest Florida Water Management District Water Tales Program - Developed and performed interactive Storytelling program to encourage knowledge and use of water conservation.

Learning for Life (affiliated with the Boy scouts of America) - Developed and performed storytelling program comparing and contrasting Winter Celebrations of different cultures, including, Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan and Quanza.

Arts A' Rappin - Developed and taught Spring Break Arts program for elementary and middle school children, directed performance at end of program. Programs include, Physical comedy, Clowning and Chorus.

Notable Clients - Subway, Mako Surgical, Forest Pharmacueticals, US Navy, Safran, McCotter Ford, Bollinger Group, Mango Seffner Library.

Private Therapeutic Practice

Client Testimonials/Rave Reviews

Dana Herndon of Forest Pharmaceuticals – “I would highly recommend Denise for anyone in need of quality entertainment. The show was awesome and Denise delivered above and beyond my expectations. If you are trying to decide between two or three different entertainers, you can't go wrong with this show.”

Tom Messina of Subway – “Denise did a wonderful show for our group. She got all ages involved and we had many positive comments the next day about the show. I would recommend her very highly for groups looking for this type of entertainment.”

Marlin Bollinger, CEO of the Bollinger Group - “Denise did a fantastic job for us, and if you are looking for a hypnotist, Look no further.”

Peggy Laugherty of McCotter Ford – “Denise was very easy to work with and provided our party with great entertainment. Non-believers became believers during all the laughter and fun. I would definitely recommend Denise.”

Nick Pisana of Safran – “Denise was one of two entertainers provided for a dinner of a professional organization consisting of senior personnel from private industry and government, thus the audience tends to be somewhat reserved. Denise managed to get a good portion of the audience to participate (8 volunteers out of 60 total attendees in the audience). All of the participants stated afterward that they enjoyed themselves and found being hypnotized to be both interesting and different. The non-participants found the proceedings to be entertaining and funny but not to the disadvantage of the volunteers. We strongly recommend Denise and would use her again.”

Charmaine Andrews of Seffner/Mango Library –“Denise Oatley Hall was a Delight to work with and a just the type and caliber performer we asked for. She has strong entertainment value. Our group was awestruck at her abilities and would definitely ask her return for another performance.”

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